Solar Energy Snub: Feds Shortchange Arizona in Solar Study

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solar panels.jpg

The feds are going to study 670,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land in six western states -- but only 16,000 of those acres are in Arizona.

What an oversight! Those gloomy skies over Washington D.C. must have dimmed bureaucrats' minds. It's typically said that we get about 300 days of sunshine a year.

Kris Mayes of the Arizona Corporation Commission penned a letter on August 3 to the task force in charge of the solar study, asking it to reconsider its decision to shortchange the state.

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Hendershott Caves on Computer Password, Will Give It to County


hendershott pool crop small.jpg
​Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott claimed last week that federal law prevented him turning over a password to a computer system used by law enforcement officials.

Yesterday, without an act of Congress, Hendershott reportedly agreed to give the county computer administrators the password. The agreement means a judge won't be sending Hendershott to jail for contempt of court, after all. We called that one.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office made the deal with Superior Court Judge Joseph Heilman only on the stipulation that the non-law-enforcement computer personnel who would have the password be monitored in their use of it, somehow. Yet the two IT guys who are getting the password -- which they've had for years, until the sheriff's takeover of the system last week -- have never been accused of planning anything nefarious with it.

Nobody trusts anybody anymore.

Hot Links: Kidnappings, Plane Crashes, and 15 Pounds of Meth

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Two children have been safely returned to their mother after an early morning kidnapping near 27th avenue and Indian School Road. According to police, a group of men stormed the victims' house, yelling that they were police, and forcibly took the children, ages two and eleven months. Police are searching for the suspects and their vehicle, described as a white Honda or Toyota with tinted windows...A Chandler-based company called Banda Group International LLC has won a five-year contract with NASA. BGI will provide "occupational safety support services" for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland...A small plane crashed yesterday moments after take off at the Prescott Municipal Airport, killing both people aboard. Authorities did not immediately know the names of the two victims, but said the Piper Comanche plane was registered to a Los Angeles resident...Klaus Lauterbach, the German tourist reported missing near the Grand Canyon this weekend, has been found safe. Lauterbach's father told police his son called him from his mobile phone yesterday and said he was continuing his North American tour and heading for Vancouver...The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office found 15 pounds of meth during a traffic stop yesterday. Sheriff Joe Arpaio says the car was stopped for an improper lane change. The driver, Ruben Rivera, was arrested at the scene. Arpaio said the street value of the meth was $300,000...A Valley man has been sentenced to prison for a 2007 road rage incident. Darrick Michael Burke pleaded guilty to one count of manslaughter in April, after getting into an altercation with another motorist. During the altercation, Burke punched the victim, who hit his head on the ground and never regained consciousness.

August 17 In Blogs: Minuteman, Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts, Foie Gras, and Bugatti Veyron

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Guns at Obama Protest Scare Folks, but Cops Say No Laws Were Broken

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colt ar-15.jpg
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Colt AR-15 similar to the one carried by an Obama protester today in Phoenix

A man carried an AR-15 assault rifle across his back to the Phoenix Convention Center, where President Barack Obama spoke today. Fortunately for gun-rights advocates, the armed dude was an African-American, a fact that's bound to reduce the tone of criticism in the media.

The man, identified in the Arizona Republic only as "Chris," told the media he brought the heavy weaponry just because he could. Indeed, Arizona law (in addition to a handgun he also carried) was on his side.

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D-Backs Throw Away Makeup Game Versus Braves. Next Up: Philadelphia Phillies

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Max Scherzer.jpg
Max Scherzer let a pitch -- and the game -- get away in Atlanta.
​For you Diamondbacks completists, May 17 is now officially in the books. For D-Backs faithful, it was hardly worth the wait.

In a rain-delay makeup game against the Braves at Atlanta's Turner Field this afternoon, D-Backs starter Max Scherzer (7-7) got folded, spindled, and mutilated in the 9-4 loss to the Braves. Young Max gave up nine runs (though only three were earned). He served up homers to Garret Anderson and Adam LaRoche, hit a couple of Braves, and flung an attempted toss-out into left field; the latter led to a six-run third for Atlanta.

Arizona's Mark Reynolds had a nice game, nullifying a couple of strikeouts with his 38th long ball of the year, which tied him for tops in the National League.

Atlanta starter Tommy Hanson (8-2) had a better game than Scherzer, striking out seven and holding the Diamondbacks to two runs on six hits in six innings.

Perhaps even you D-Backs completists are in agreement with the statement: "'Nuff said."

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Graffiti Artists in Tempe to be Identified by Their Work With New Computer Program

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kilroy was here.jpg
Image: Wikimedia Commons

You're a graffiti artist who takes pride in his work -- your stuff is really unique.

And that's why Tempe police are going to catch you. (Or so cops think, anyway).

Police in the college town plan to launch new computer software that is slated to help officers in the field identify the "signature" work of taggers and analyze patterns of graffiti. It doesn't seem likely that authorities will be able to get a conviction strictly because of a computer match, but the system will give cops extra evidence for the prosecution.

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Desert Schools Warns of Debit Card Scam: How do People Still Fall for This Crap?

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Thanks to countless idiots, who despite more than a decade of warnings are still giving their debit card pin numbers away to strangers, there is a brand new debit card scam going on right here in the Valley.

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union is warning customers about a scam that is happening right now. Here's how it works: "Your bank" will send you a text message saying that your debit card has been blocked. The text will give you a number to call, where a recording asks you to enter your pin number and the expiration date on your card.

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Dead Inmate's Family Sues State, Says Prison Failed to Protect Man Who Wouldn't Kill for Aryan Brotherhood

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lucero timothy doc death.jpg
​The Valley family of one of the dead prison inmates we wrote about in February is suing the state, claiming the Department of Corrections knew the inmate was in danger and did nothing.

Timothy Lucero (at right) was a pot violator and car thief who was scheduled to be released by 2011 from the state prison in Tucson. The lawsuit states he was approached by Aryan Brotherhood members who wanted him to whack another inmate, Christopher Wathan. Not only did Lucero refuse, but he also told Wathan of the planned hit.

Wathan soon ended up dead, anyway. (His death, by the way, makes a total of five Arizona prison inmates that we know of who were killed last year). Roger Nelson, a deputy county attorney in Yuma County, reportedly told the DOC that he thought Lucero needed to serve the rest of sentence in another state because of Aryan Brotherhood threats.

On September 4, 2008, Lucero was stabbed 15 times while he was on the recreation field. Inmate Bryon Monts, (below), was accused of doing the stabbing.

Two questions here:

1. Just how many people have been killed in state prisons in 2008 and 2009?

2. When the heck is the state going to do something about this wave of violence?

As we keep mentioning, a single death in 2007 caused a warden to be fired and numerous guards disciplined. Yet it seems the DOC has done nothing in the wake of these five (at least) deaths last year (and probably more this year).


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President's Biggest AZ Cheerleader, State Representative Krysten Sinema, Leads March For Obama Healthcare Plan

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Representative Krysten Sinema's Twitter page
Arizona has its own "Obama Girl," and she happens to be part of the state House Democratic leadership.

Assistant House Democratic leader Krysten Sinema, whose apparent crush on our progressive president reached fever pitch today, as she marched with dozens of demonstrators in favor of "Obama-care."

During the president's speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual national convention in Phoenix today, Sinema took it upon herself to try to drown out the scores of protesters in opposition to the president's healthcare plan.

Ironically, Sinema's one of 32 state legislators across the country -- the only one from Arizona -- pegged for Obama's White House Health Reform Task Force.

"Our country's health system is broken, and families and businesses are being crushed by high healthcare costs," Sinema says. "The American people, including right here is Arizona, deserve better."

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