Hendershott Caves on Computer Password, Will Give It to County


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​Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott claimed last week that federal law prevented him turning over a password to a computer system used by law enforcement officials.

Yesterday, without an act of Congress, Hendershott reportedly agreed to give the county computer administrators the password. The agreement means a judge won't be sending Hendershott to jail for contempt of court, after all. We called that one.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office made the deal with Superior Court Judge Joseph Heilman only on the stipulation that the non-law-enforcement computer personnel who would have the password be monitored in their use of it, somehow. Yet the two IT guys who are getting the password -- which they've had for years, until the sheriff's takeover of the system last week -- have never been accused of planning anything nefarious with it.

Nobody trusts anybody anymore.

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