Guns at Obama Protest Scare Folks, but Cops Say No Laws Were Broken

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colt ar-15.jpg
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Colt AR-15 similar to the one carried by an Obama protester today in Phoenix

A man carried an AR-15 assault rifle across his back to the Phoenix Convention Center, where President Barack Obama spoke today. Fortunately for gun-rights advocates, the armed dude was an African-American, a fact that's bound to reduce the tone of criticism in the media.

The man, identified in the Arizona Republic only as "Chris," told the media he brought the heavy weaponry just because he could. Indeed, Arizona law (in addition to a handgun he also carried) was on his side.

About a dozen protesters of Obama's health care plan packed heat openly, according to reports.

What would happen if people on both sides carried guns to a heated protest? Obviously, in situations like that, it might only take one wise guy to kick off a war.



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