GoDaddy Hires New Internet Pin-Up Girl, a Country Singer From Scottsdale

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kalin erin.jpg
​Hot off the cyber-presses of the Business Journal:

Erin Kalin, a country singer from Scottsdale whose body must be the envy of every other woman on the planet with four kids, has become the latest "Go Daddy Girl."

The Scottsdale-based, run by CEO/playboy-type Bob Parson, has managed to make people associate boring old Internet addresses with sexy young starlets ever since its ads were first rejected in 2006 by Super Bowl officials. The company's brought the image of Danica Patrick into more homes than the racecar driver's time on the Indy 500 track ever did.   

Does the selection of Kalin as the new face of domain names really qualify as news?

Not really. But if it's good enough for the local business community, it's good enough for us.




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