Dating Won't Break the Bank, Says Survey that Ranks Phoenix No. 4 in Cheapest Places to Date

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Men throughout the Valley can take a collective sigh of relief; Phoenix offers some of the cheapest dates in the country.

No gentlemen, that does not mean that the women are cheap, but rather the places you take them, as you try and woo them into submission, won't force you to take a second job.

In a recent survey conducted by the dowdy dating Web site, Phoenix ranked fourth in cities that offer the cheapest dating scene.

According to the survey, the average cost of a respectable date in the Valley of the Sun should run about $77. By respectable they mean dinner at a decent restaurant and a movie. If you consider Burger King a decent restaurant, you probably shouldn't be dating to begin with.

Other notable cities are Sacramento, St. Louis, and Detroit, where pepper-spray or getting mugged should be included in the cost of the date.

Taking the top spot, however, was Pittsburgh, who for the second time this year, has managed to edge Phoenix out of contention (single tear for Cardinals fans).


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