Bitter Lawsuits Between Arizona Prison Employees Costing Forest Many Trees

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We bumped into this wild 48-page Arizona Court of Appeals ruling, which was issued earlier this month.

ADOC patch.jpg

It concerns a complicated and somewhat troubling set of back-and-forth lawsuits involving a former correctional officer and a criminal inspector.

The inspector, whose name is Darrell Smith, investigated then-Officer Derrick Allen for alleged wrongdoing involving a female inmate. The allegations involved drugs and sex (no rock-and-roll alleged).

The machinations of what has happened at the Maricopa County Superior Court since the allegations first came to light eight long years ago are fascinating for anyone who likes to read about that kind of thing.

Remember, drugs, sex, female inmates, lies (by someone). Just open the link and get to the (kind of) juicy stuff.



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