Biltmore Mansion Fire Arrest: Cops Say Owner Destroyed His Own $3.5 Million Home


marin michael 1.jpg
Image: Marin's Facebook page
​The owner of a $3.5 million mansion in the Biltmore Estates was arrested today by Phoenix police in connection with an arson fire that burned the place to the ground.

Michael Marin told Channel 15 (KNXV-TV) today that he was "utterly shocked" at the accusation and has a "conscience as clear as the driven snow."

Marin was the only person home the morning of July 5, when the blaze began in the 7,500-square-foot home. He reportedly got out of the burning house from a second-story balcony, wearing scuba gear and descending on a rope ladder. Good thing he had that stuff handy, right?



Marin received kinder media attention during his successful summit of Mount Everest in May.




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HaHa, I know this idiot! Always an arrogant bastard! A legend in his own mind!What a Piece of shit! Takes after his old friend Arizona Attorney Heath Dooley,Heath Dooley also torched his own house down! Since they never seen Mr Dooley escapingout his bedroom window, they could not prosecute, but police and fire investigators had enoughevidence that Heath Dooley's home owners insurance," Allstate " refused to pay his claim, haha, who are these morons who think they can get away with Felony Arson!!

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