Pissy US Airways Pilot Plans to Continue Fight Against Flight Attendants

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Victor J. Palagano
Flight attendants Paula Walker, Brian Shunick, and Sue Burris
He's baaaaaaaaack!

Four months after a Superior Court judge unceremoniously tossed a libel suit filed by an unhappy U.S. Airways pilot, we've gotten word that the pilot, Ed Gannon, will be appealing the decision.

Can't this guy take a hint already?

As we first reported in January, Gannon sued three of his company's own flight attendants after they complained to federal authorities about his handling of a potentially dangerous situation. The flight attendants saw icy buildup on the wings of a plane about to depart Calgary for Phoenix, but they had to pester the pilots into taking action.

Naturally, the flight attendants were troubled by the pilots' initial resistance. (Icy wings can be deadly.) Upon landing in Phoenix, they let US Airways know about the incident -- and the company asked them to contact the FAA. 

It's their statements to the FAA, though, that formed the basis for a three-year nightmare. After the FAA decided not to take action against Gannon, he sued the flight attendants for libel, demanding $2 million. And, unbelievably, the company has refused to pay the flight attendants' legal bills.

Thanks to the work of the flight attendants' ace lawyers, Michael Pearson and Daniel Riley at Curry Pearson & Wooten, Judge Louis Araneta dismissed the pilot's lawsuit in March. The fiesty Gannon then attempted to get another judge to reverse Araneta. That failed (duh!), but flight attendant Paula Walker tells New Times that Gannon has announced plans for an appeal.

We've seen first hand how litigious this pilot is -- after our first column about the lawsuit, he actually attempted to use the courts to force us to turn over our notes. That attempt, thankfully, was rendered moot by Judge Araneta's dismissal.

The flight attendants -- Paula Walker, Sue Burris, and Brian Shunick -- have lived under the cloud of this lawsuit for years, and it looks like their battle will be continuing to the appellate level. Sigh.

To donate to their defense fund, please check out their blog here. As Walker notes, they don't update the blog much -- but the issue is still current, and they could definitely still use some help.  

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Clearly, no one bothered to check the facts before destroying an individual and frightening the flying public.  Anyone in the industry, or the flying public for that matter, should be ableto see right through the holes in these fictional stores. The glaringly obvious hole is the Captain and FO is on this plan as well.  Do these Pilots have a death wish by taking off a plane that is apparently covered with ice?  I think not.  It is also my understanding there are a number of individuals in charge of the deicing procedure at an airport.  According to these Flight Attendants and newspaper, only the FO is the solo individual responsible for all aspects of the deicing procedure.  Could it be these three Flight Attendants have another agenda?  The FO is not the only individual that determines deicing of an Aircraft.  All the sudden the FO has the utmost of respect and the Captain is nowhere to be found?  Was the FO  making all the decisions, working with ops, and ground crew? Shame on this paper, the FAA,and these Flight Attendants for a complete lack of ethical integrity. If anyone had cared to get the court documents, they would have found all three of these flight attendantslied under oath and during their depositions. They would have found allthree flight attendants admitted to not even speaking to Ed Gannon on the dayof the event, they state during their deposition "we only spoke with the Captain'.  As aFlight Attendant, the last time I checked, the Captain is 100% responsiblefor the flight. Was Ed Gannon the only one flying the Airbus 320?  It getsbetter, during the deposition; Shunick actually states in his deposition"he had no problem with the flight crew". The Flight attendants go on to change their story time and time again, but that is not surprising when you are not telling the truth.  On the flip side, during Ed Gannon's deposition he only speaks of the publicand his concern for safety. Ed Gannon story never changes or fluctuates.  The Captaintakes accountability for speaking with all three flight attendants on that day.It was also interesting how these three Flight Attendants have twisted the questionabledeicing report.  What deicing report is created two weeks after the eventand sent directly to the FAA? How many planes do you think these deicer haddeiced in a two week period and before creating the event report for theFAA?  Again, if anyone actually pulled the court records, they would havefound the deicers later recant their story and invalidated the deicing report. Ido not see where the three Flight Attendants ever disclosed this information,but rather continue to indicate they have strong evidence against Ed Gannonwith a deicing report.  It does make for a juice story and assist with their selfpromoting hero status as they continue on their quest to destroying the FO.  Let usnot forget this was a money making scheme for these flight attendants as they solicitedfunds from their peers during what is a down economy.  Did these flight attendants get their moneyback from the company?  If so, did they return the surplus funds back to their peers they scammedmoney out of for a fictional story? For these three flight attendants to fabricate a story, destroy aPilots career, go public in the newspaper, and on TV.  I could not imaginethese are meek, shy individuals afraid of speaking up if they were in fear oftheir lives or the lives of 100 plus people on a plane.  The question weneed to ask, if Paula Walker was so concerned for safety; simply step back inthe jet-way before closing the door. for departure.  There were many options these seasoned Flight Attendants could have taken, but they took the unprofessionalroute by going directly to the FAA for the purpose of destroying a Pilot. So you must ask why?  What was the reason behind the Flight Attendants agenda to lie to the paper, lie to the FAA, lie under oath, lie to the local CBS news, and lie in court documents. They state they lied to the Pilots in order to get the plane deiced, but you would not then take those same lies to the FAA when you returned home. When you go to the FAA you would tell the truth, no they told the same lies they told the Captain.  The only reason to lie to the FAA would be to ensure the FO lost his license and r career.  After reading the court documents, it is clear the Flight Attends wanted to control the plane and the FO paid dearly for the Captain not allowing that to happen.  It is that simple.  Get the court documents people, it is public record.  Be prepared for a very concerning document that details a corrupt system.  It is also clear who is the hero in this story and it is not these Flight Attendants, it is the Pilot and FO who believed in a system that is unfortunately not in place.  A FO that had believed there would be integrity in a FAA safety program and found that was not the case.  The hero here is clearly the FO, wow, what this guy went through for the purpose of trying to do the right thing is shocking and very few men would make the same sacrifice.  On a side note, it was noted in the court documents that Ed Gannon is an Eagle Scout.  We all know that Eagle Scouts don't lie.  My recommendation to Ed Gannon, write a book.  You could not make this stuff up and, unlike the FAA and the Flight Attendants, you have the truth on your side with the ability to put your head on the pillow at night. 


There are facts easily accessible, I do not see any facts to support these articles.  Where are the court records or depositions?  Where is a copy of the deicing report?

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