UPDATE: Viet War Hero Tony Tercero -- the Subject of Our Current Cover Story -- "OK" After Cancer Surgery

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Our cover story on the stands this week concerned one Tony Tercero, a Vietnam War veteran and onetime big-league marijuana smuggler whose family is seeking greater recognition for his long-ago wartime heroics.


As was noted in the story, Tony learned weeks after we first met with him that he was suffering from bladder cancer and needed to undergo exploratory surgery.

A larger-than-life, big-hearted, boisterous character (seen in the photo on the right, with his arm around former Army buddy Rey Martinez), Tony faced his operation with understandable trepidation.

Well, we spoke with him yesterday, and he says he's feeling fine, though very tired. Most important, the 60-year-old Peoria resident says his doctors seem confident that they got all of the cancer out of him during the operation.

If that's true, then they, too, deserve a medal!

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Elizabeth Yashar
Elizabeth Yashar

Tony is a hero in the truest fashion.  Thank you Tony Tercero for my freedom.  You are appreciated. E.Yashar

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