Hot Links: Adrian Wilson, Golf Clubs, and Gay Penguins

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Chandler police say they've lost 685 crime scene photos, because tech workers neglected to back up computer files. The photos were used as evidence in 23 cases, ranging from domestic violence to death...Tom Fraker, CEO of Special Olympics Arizona, has resigned. The board has formed a search committee to find someone to fill his position....The Arizona Cardinals have re-signed strong safety Adrian Wilson to a five-year contract. Wilson will receive about $39 million, with $18.5 million guaranteed...Nathan Moore, 37, has been charged with aggravated assault after allegedly hitting a 12 year-old boy with a golf club in Goodyear. According to police, Moore got into an argument with the boy, then threw him into the bushes and clubbed him in the leg...A US Airways employee and passenger are in jail, after authorities found a gun in the overheard bin on a flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix. Another passenger contacted authorities after seeing someone hand a bag to the airline employee and bypass security...Two gay penguins at a German zoo are successfully fostering a chick born from an abandoned egg. The penguins, Z and Vielpunkt, got the egg after it was rejected by its original parents. No attempt has been made so far to find the penguins unfit parents because of their sexual orientation.

Chandler PD Loses 685 Crime Scene Pics

Fraker resigns from Special Olympics Arizona

Cardinals sign Wilson to five-year deal

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Victor Dorantis
Adrian Wilson will receive an $18.5 million guarantee on his contract.

Man charged in golf-club assault on boy

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Nathan Moore was arrested for golf-clubbing a kid.

Gun found on plane heading to Phoenix from Philly

Gay penguins become dads

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Wikimedia Commons
Two Humboldt penguins are the proud parents of an abandoned chick.

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