Pink Moth Discovered in Arizona Named After UA Biologist's Wife


pink moth.jpg

How's this for romantic:

A University of Arizona professor found a new species of moth -- one with beautiful pink wings -- and named it after his wife, who likes the color pink. Tests proved the critter was a previously unknown species.

Lithophane leeae entered the vault of official scientific knowledge for the first time after it flew into Bruce Walsh's collection trap high in the Chiracahua Mountains east of Tucson. Walsh, is a biologist-professor at UA who -- according to the school -- wrote a leading textbook on plant and animal breeding.

walsh bruce.jpg
Bruce Walsh (from his Web site)
In Walsh's voice mail at UA, the scientist announces with gusto that he's on sabbatical until March: "Cheers!"

If you want to know more about bugs and biology, check out Walsh's Web site.

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