Ruth McClung: From Del Taco to Congress? She's a Conservative Running Against Raul Grijalva

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Okay, there are a few things about Ruth McClung we like right off the bat: She's a rock climber. She likes the Beatles. She paints flowers.

But, c'mon. Raul Grijalva isn't even going to break a sweat.

McClung's running for Congress against Grijalva, a four-time incumbent Democrat from Congressional District 7 -- land of Raza Studies. He's a former migrant worker who came to this country under the Bracero program. [Whoops -- that was his dad. We misread the Wiki entry in our haste and vow to slow down a bit. Grijalva's office called us to let us know about screw up -- Grijalva was born in Arizona. Sorry about that, Congressman].

McClung's main connection to Hispanic culture seems to be a stint at Del Taco.

McClung's very concerned about Iranians, though. Her Twitter account says she's in Tehran right now, and she' recently tweeted about Iran:

I am praying for the people in Iran. This is one of those times when history holds its breath and waits... #IranElection

But McClung's tweets typically aren't that serious. She's an eclectic young woman: A "rocket scientist," rock climber, artist, Christian, "wife," and of course, a right-winger. Here's some sample tweets:

Pelosi is giving blondes a bad name. She is either a liar or an air head. Either way, she should not be speaker of house. #sgp #tcot

mcclung rock climber.jpg

Next Obama will say to put wind mills on our cars. RT @tmcrw4d sounds like #bullshit #science #obama can just legislate #physics #tcot #sgp

Lets get people in congress who will stop spending money like it is going out of style. This is one reason why I am running. #TCOT #SGP

I just got back from rock climbing with my husband... boy am I out of shape!

Recession is when your neighbor is out of a job, depression is when you are out of a job, recovery is when liberal govern. is out of a job.

@tmcrw4d I am waiting for global warming to give me my ocean front propty in Arizona

She's got a couple of videos on YouTube. Here's one on her ideas about national defense -- it's not a very impressive performance:

But she can really capture the sensuality of flowers:


She touts her religiousness, but she's no Noah's-Ark-believing creationist. "With her scientific background, politicians using pseudo-science to push an agenda will not fool her," her site says. Of course, to some conservatives, mainstream science is pseudo-science. We wonder what her take is on global warming.

McClung's states that she'll be discussing more issues "as the campaign progresses." Like McClung, the Web site appears to be a work in progress.

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Grijalva does not care about the "people" of Arizona that he represents. He cares about Mexican illegals and himself. Last time I checked, illegals from Mexico could not vote inthis country. Putting their needs above the citizens of Arizona shows what his is reallyall about. His call to boycott his own state and people was horrible! There is absolutely noexcuse for that. Ruth Mcclung is just what we need to help us recover in Arizona. Get Grijalva the hell out of Washington!!!


"There are no details on her claimed credentials. She has leadership and management experience since age 20? Exactly what kind of management were you doing as a college student?"

I shudder to think that someday we might elect someone with such a fuzzy background as president someday--oh, wait, that's what we've got in there now . . .


I just LOVE how Ruth McClung is holding brown babies in her campaign ads. She's SO down for HER people, isn't she??? Grijalva needs to stop debating her, she keeps learning too much.

Jim Kindle
Jim Kindle

I am a strong supported but would like you to clarify your stand on the second amendment, the Gun Owners of America rated Grijalva and F and you got a C-. I feel this is middle of the road and you should be rated an A. Either you are for the 2nd amendment or you are against it not somewhere in between. This puts you at the same level as McCain. Please reply.


Ray (responding to Chuck):Are you serious? You are attacking and using profanity against a "customer"?? No wonder your paper is loosing money and subscriptions!

Typical of elitist, progressive thugs. Call people names, cuss them out, threaten them, then pat yourself on the back when for being an upstanding citizen. Why not discussing actual ideas instead of making fun of those that you look down on from the lofty pedistal you installed yourself upon??


It's amazing how many right thinking conservatives there are out on the Internet on sites like this and yet Grijalva continues to be reelected. Grijalva had more votes running unopposed in the primaries than all the republications combined. What's up with that?

We need to get together this time and vote him out this November. Vote for Ruth.

Ray Stern
Ray Stern

I'm not gonna sit back and let people accuse me of racism -- c'mon!

By the way, New Times is a free publication and doesn't have subscribers.

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