Jarrett Maupin II Responds to Quotes in Sheriff's Report; Says He Believes Sheriff's Office Racially Profiles

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Jarret Maupin II, in an impassioned phone call to New Times and in a comment posted today on our blog, now says that he "unequivocally" believes the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office commits racial profiling.

Maupin claims his quotes to the contrary that turned up in a deputy's report were "completely taken out of context." Maupin denied that he supports the sheriff's actions against the immigrant community, though "I don't go far as to say he's a racist."

"I absolutely feel, without any shadow of a dobut, that I feel the sheriff is racially profiling," he says.

Maupin adds that his wife and mother are of Mexican descent, he's helped organized immigrant-rights activists and that he was once on the board of Somos America.

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"I was on my knees praying for [Arpaio] to leave the immigrants alone," he says.

If it wasn't for his current legal troubles, [Maupin faces sentencing next month for his conviction for lying to the FBI], he'd be "doing the activism." He says he's happy Al Sharpton is coming to Phoenix.

"I hope the entire civil rights community comes down on Sheriff Arpaio," he says. "There should be black and brown solidarity in terms of the immigrant-rights movement."

Fair enough.

Just one thing, though. While Maupin's statements today do seem to be "unequivocal," the quotes in the deputy's report don't appear to be taken out of context. He may not have meant what he told the deputy -- but there it is.

Below is Maupin's entire written comment [with formatting probs corrected]:

To Phoenix New Time's Readers and My Community:

I am writing this letter to respond in my own words, regarding a recent
post on the Phoenix New Time's website. Let me begin by saying that I
have never (in the history of my career as a political, religious, and
civil/human rights leader) responded to articles written about me or
the controversies that surround the lives of people who walk my walk.
But today, I am making an exception. I want to start by saying that I
am beyond the most furious of emotions after reading that I allegedly
do not feel that the Maricopa County Sheriff's office discriminates
against people of color, especially Latinos. This
characterization/quotation is so far from the truth that, this time, it
actually hurt. I have spoken with Ray Stern, the author, and he knows
where I stand. I also fully support the Rev. Al Sharpton and welcome
his presence and much needed courage to our local/regional struggle
against law enforcement misconduct and our push for humane immigration

For years I have advocated for the rights of immigrants in Maricopa
County and around the country. For the sake of individuals who question
my motives and sincerity, let me share with you the fact that my mother
is Mexican-American. One half of my entire family is Brown. I am a
person of bi-racial heritage and I proudly claim both as my own. That
aside, even if half of me and half of all I that I know and love
wasn't Mexican, I would still be outraged by the immoral behavior of
MCSO and would stand against the racial hate that has permeated my
community's struggle for progressive immigration reform.

I have marched, been arrested, had citations issued, I've been fined,
and I've been threatened. I did it all in the name of Justice,
Freedom, Respect, and Christian Duty to my brothers and sisters in the
Immigrant Community. I will not tolerate my dedication to serving and
helping to liberate any children of God's children who are unjustly
persecuted, being questioned or probed by anyone. I have three words

KEEP THE FAITH that the U.S. Justice Department will find the evidence
and testimony it needs to stop MCSO from immorally harassing and
abusing the immigrant community. That our righteous struggle will
soften hearts of stone and break the chains of Law Enforcement
Brutality & Racial Profiling in Maricopa County.

KEEP THE FAITH that through our solidarity Black or Brown; Jew or
Gentile; Citizen or Non-Citizen we can overcome the bigotry, hate, and
injustice imposed upon us by the Children of Jim Crow.

KEEP THE FAITH that the Federal Government will put in place new
progressive and humanistic immigration reforms that reconcile families
and deliver on the promise of the American Dream to the thousands of
immigrants, especially children and students, who wait in silent
suffering for their Human Rights to be recognized.

Remember who we are. We are the children of Martin Luther King Jr. &
Cesar Chavez! We are children of God, just as good if not better than
anyone that walks the streets of our county! People may attempt to
smear our leaders, present us in unfriendly light, fuel rumors, gossip,
and misinformation to discredit individuals and our cause. Brothers and
Sisters we are stronger than this. I promise you that if we continue to
stand together, march together, go to jail together, and risk our lives
for each-other's freedom then we will walk together in the Promised
Land. I pray for and that we will all KEEP THE FAITH!

Deuteronomy 27:19
"Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien..."
Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"

Your Servant & Brother in Christ,

Rev. Jarrett B. Maupin, II
Phoenix, AZ
June 17th, 2009

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