Hot Links: Sky Harbor Loses Passengers, Man Arrested in 2-year-old's Beating, Brewer Says Budget Imperils Federal Funds

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Fewer people are flying the friendly skies over Phoenix...The remains of a Chandler architect who disappeared on an ATV ride near Flagstaff in January were found, but what killed him is still unknown...A Chandler man is arrested after his girlfriend's 2-year-old is brutally beaten, suffering severe skull fractures...It takes money to make money: Governor Jan Brewer says a proposed budget by lawmakers could threaten millions in federal funds...Sheriff Joe Arpaio snarls that Rapper DMX only drew probation for spraying a jail guard with the garbage the sheriff feeds to inmates...Outlook for economy: Bad -- but only if you believe the world's largest bond fund...Beep, beep -- no new Jeep: Two Valley dealerships end days as Chrysler outlets because of auto manufacturer's troubles.

Sky Harbor air travel down by 6 percent in April

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Remains of Chandler Planning and Zoning Commission member found

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Jeremias Aguilar

Cops arrest man in connection with 2-year-old's severe beating

Brewer frets that proposed state budget may reduce federal stimulus funds

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Sheriff upset at Rapper DMX's sentence in jail guard assault case

Bond Fund Pimco says economic outlook still "looks bad"

Last day for two Valley dealerships as Chrysler outlets

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