Crunchberries Buyer Should Have Known Cereal had No Real Fruit, Court Says

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A California woman sued Pepsi after finding out that Crunchberries contained no real fruit, but a judge ruled any reasonable person could have figured that out.

The case of Janine Sugawawa does provide a modicum of hope that the justice system isn't running on four flats -- this one was nipped in the bud quickly.  Judge Morrison England Jr. of the U.S. District Court of Eastern California approved Pepsi's motion to dismiss on May 21, noting that the Sugawawa's attorneys were the same hillbillies who tried to sue because Froot Loops had no real fruit.

Nobody's really this stupid, we're sure -- this is just attempted litigation for fun and profit.



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The fact that this woman was stupid enough to sue doesn't make their packaging any less misleading. For every outrageous lawsuit over something stupid is 10 totally valid lawsuits over false and misleading claims.

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