Arpaio Says Jail Lockdown to Prevent "Large-Scale Assaults;" Inmates Want to be Segregated by Race, He Claims

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio followed up on his earlier tweet about a jail lockdown, now stating on his Twitter account that "inmates are planning to assault each other on a large scale."

He refers to a news release prepared by his staff [maybe you'll have better luck opening it than we're having right now] and tells KTAR (92.3 FM) news radio that "the inmates want to be segregated." In a bit of Internet snark, he also posted the above tweet.

We'll find out more about this near-whatever-it-is later, but part of the story here seems to be how this story broke -- by a direct message from the sheriff (or his stenographer).

The sheriff joined Twitter earlier this month and has so far put on a better cybershow than, say, Terry Goddard, whose posts are dry as dust and written in third person.

Arpaio's not afraid to admit it's his birthday or that he woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Monday.


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