Watermelons and Pot: DPS Nabs New Jersey Man With Haul Near New River

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watermelons dps.jpg
Image: Arizona Department of Public Safety
The traffic stop of a big-rig near New River on Tuesday turned into a juicy bust for the Arizona Department of Public Safety after 508 pounds of pot was discovered along with a load of watermelons.

DPS says the rig (below) was hauling its load from Nogales, Arizona, where the driver picked up the melons -- and, apparently, the dope -- to Massachusetts. Troopers arrested the driver Anthony Moyd, 39, of Newark, New Jersey.
moyd anthony pot suspect.jpg
Image: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Anthony Moyd

Moyd reportedly gave verbal and written consent for a search of the big rig (below) to the highway patrolman who stopped him. The was pot hidden in three bins at the front of the trailer, DPS says. The agency wants Moyd charged with possession and transportation of the marijuana, as well as operating an illegal enterprise.

Thumbnail image for watermelons pot dps.jpg
Image: Arizona Department of Public Safety
watermelons pot truck.jpg
Image: Arizona Department of Public Safety

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I know this man he's a good guy,but I have to say watermelon & weed....a black man dream....lol. what's up ant...LAmont call me...

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