Hot Links: Fire Bans, Plane Crashes, and Gun Rights

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Starting today, the city of Phoenix has instituted a fire ban at city parks. Charcoal, wood, and open fires are not allowed in mountain preserves, and smoking outside vehicles is prohibited. However, propane and gas grills may be used in designated areas...A Valley homeless man named Greyson Malzac is being hailed as a hero after jumping in a canal Friday night and saving a disabled person who had fallen in with their wheelchair...A small plane crashed Sunday while trying to land at the San Carlos Airport in Cutter. The number of passengers is not known, but media has confirmed that several people were flown to Scottsdale Osborn hospital for treatment...A House Bill that would grant gun owners in Arizona new rights -- such as the ability to carry firearms into certain restaurants that serve alcohol and keep weapons locked inside their cars outside of businesses -- has passed the House of Representatives and will go to the Senate...Another bill that passed the House on Wednesday, HB 2357, would ban all forms of religious censorship in Arizona schools, allowing students to wear religious jewelry and clothing on campuses. The bill, championed by the Center for Arizona Policy, will now go to the Senate...Country music star Dolly Parton was given an honorary doctorate from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Parton, the fourth of 12 children from a poor family, has been active in education charities, including her Imagination Library, which sends books to a half a million children every month.

Phoenix implements fire ban at city parks

Homeless man rescues disabled person from canal

Small Plane Crashes On Landing

Bill to boost gun rights moves to Senate

Wikimedia Commons
Handgun rights get a boost from a bill that's heading to the Senate.

Bill bans religious censorship in schools

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Wikimedia Commons
Jesus iconography gains some steam with a Senate bill, too.

Call her 'Dr. Dolly'

Wikimedia Commons
Dolly Parton received an honorary degree for her philanthropic work.

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