Meth Warnings Drawn by Local Kids to be Put in Statewide Poster

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meth artwork 3.jpg

This anti-meth artwork of three Valley kids will be incorporated into a widely distributed poster following a contest by the state Attorney General's Office:

First Place: Alison Calabrese, Wigwam Creek Middle School,
Litchfield Park

meth artwork 2.jpg

2nd Place: Caessar Saldana, Mohave Middle School, Scottsdale
meth artwork 1.jpg

3rd Place: Brandon Chheng, Royal Palm Middle School, Phoenix

As the first place winner, Calabrese will receive $500. The runners-up, as well as several others who received honorable mention awards, also received cash prizes.

It seems like a good idea to have local kids help make these ads -- certainly better than spending millions of dollars on them. It's just too hard to believe that the Arizona Meth Project ads(see below), featuring faked meth-use symptoms, really prevent teens from trying meth.

As we reported in February, state statistics show meth use among Arizona's youth had been declining for years before the ad campaign.

meth ad with kid artwork.jpg

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