Cute Little Spat Erupts Between Doug MacEachern of the Arizona Republic and Blogging Former Lawmaker

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Former lawmaker Greg Patterson thinks longtime editorial writer Doug MacEachern writes like a "coasting tweener."

MacEachern thinks Patterson is a "venal, simpering whiner with a Viagra-induced thing for the news business."

Isn't that cute?

Greg Patterson
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Doug MacEachern

Greg hit Doug first with a blog post entitled "Doug MacEachern: Phone Home," in which he not only disagrees with the Republic writer's opinion about a squabble between Phoenix City Council members, but also criticizes MacEachern's "hackneyed" writing style. To Patterson, MacEachern is "jaded," "too old to change careers and too young to retire" and spends all day reading the Drudge Report.

MacEachern took Patterson's bait, publishing a short diatribe as a comment to Greg's post. After his snarling, middle-school retort, MacEachern republishes a 1994 Republic column about Patterson:

Unquestionably bright and promising, his middle name is Patronize. Patterson, 30, a certified public accountant, is rude to the public and his peers during committee hearings and constantly flaunts his ''superior intelligence'' by lecturing others on conservative fiscal theory. Favorite line: ''You do know who Milton Friedman is, don't you?''

This is just like the Internet version of the old Saturday Night Live skit, "Point/Counterpoint."

Jane, you poor, misguided scrag!

[Note: Like an ignorant slut, we spelled MacEachern's name wrong in this post when it was first published. It is now correct.]

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