Thomas Names Suggested Mediators in Dispute with County Board of Supervisors

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Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas today suggested three lawyers as possible mediators in his legal dispute with the county Board of Supervisors:

Timothy Casey, of Schmitt Schneck Smyth & Herrod

Lee Miller, of Miller La Sota & Peters

Christopher Skelly, of Scott & Skelly

Thomas says in a letter to Max Wilson, chairman of the Board, that he hasn't yet contacted the lawyers about the job, but he'll "cooperate" in trying to retain them "if any or all are acceptable to the Board."

Sounds fairly tame now, doesn't Thomas? Getting whupped in court will do that to you.

The first two, Casey and Miller, are party hacks, having served as chief counsel for the state Republican party. The last, Skelly, is "not currently on outside counsel list," according to Thomas' letter to the Board, which means the first two have probably done work for the county previously.

Mcao Letter to MW

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