Hot Links: Marijuana Framed, Canines Cooled, Suspect Shot

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The Mesa Unified School District plans to lay off 210 teachers today. The cuts do not include personnel with one-year contracts who may not be hired back anyway. A district spokesperson says the cuts will save the school district "30 to 60 million dolllars"...Rawhide Western Town will get new management on June 1, as two companies called Western Destinations and AZ Banquet and Events take the reigns from Starwood Hotels and Resorts...The Peoria Police Department has installed a new safety device for police dogs: a heat-warning system that detects if a police dog is left in a vehicle. The system leaves the engine and air conditioning running if it senses a dog, and sets off a siren if the vehicle's interior temperature rises above 90 degrees...Picture this: Custom and Border Protection officers in Douglas, Arizona found 90 pounds of marijuana hidden in six large picture frames. The man driving the vehicle carrying the paintings was arrested after a police canine took an interest in the frames, and an X-ray revealed the cannabis inside...Tucson police shot a suspected child molester after he reportedly pulled out a handgun when officers approached his door. The suspect, Stanley Laverne Barr, was pronounced dead shortly after midnight...Officials at NYU aren't amused that someone sent out acceptance letters to 489 graduate school applicants on April Fool's Day. The university sent out a second e-mail to those applicants an hour later, informing them they'd actually been rejected. Psych!

Mesa schools to cut 100s of employees Monday

Rawhide Western Town to go under new management

New system senses police dogs left in cars

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Hot Dog: A new safety system is set to save police canines from the heat.

Customs says art was framed with marijuana

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Marijuana: It was framed.

Tucson police shoot, kill child molestation suspect

NYU not laughing after accepting students by mistake

Wikimedia Commons
NYU accepted everybody on April Fool's Day...not!

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for your with out a doubt he did it F!@# YOU!!! Stanley is my uncle and I know for a fact that the little lying bitch that accused him of molestation is 5'6' and well above 150lbs not to mention she has a history of lying and being a slut at school I know her vary well like from birth!!!!! don't make statments you can't back I have proof of mine


I don't know about the child molestation charges but something definitely doesn't smell right here. I knew Stan years ago when I managed a group home where he lived. I can't picture him being able to handle a gun and his crutches at the same time. Stan came from a family where there was physical abuse and he had a temper, but sexual abuse of a child is something I can't get my head around.

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