Hot Links: Wet 'n' Wild, PETA, and Gamma Ray Bursts

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The largest water park in the state, Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix, is scheduled to open in mid-June. The $30 million, 35-acre park includes 30 slides and a coaster called Maximum Velocity. The park replaces the WaterWorld Safari park in north Phoenix...In Tucson, Reina Irene Gonzales was sentenced to two 22-year terms in the starvation deaths of her boyfriend's children. The boyfriend, Christopher Payne, was convicted of two-counts of first degree murder in March and sentenced to death... The animal-rights group PETA will protest products that use exotic animal skins at Washington Street and Central Avenue today. The protest, which starts at noon, includes a naked protester whose body will be painted with a snake skin design...A man who ran a red light in Scottsdale in 2007, hitting a car and killing five people, was sentenced to a year in jail for five counts of negligent homicide. The convicted man, Robert Logan Myers III, was also ordered to pay more than $450,000 to the victims' family...A teenager was killed Monday night after being struck by a semi-truck. The teen, who was riding a skateboard, was struck at about 8:15 p.m. and later died at the hospital from his injuries...Astronomers at the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii snapped telescopic shots of a gamma ray burst more than 13 billion light years away. The burst is the most distant object in space to be seen by the human eye.

New water park set to open in mid-June

Woman gets 22 years in starvation deaths of boyfriend's kids

PETA to stage protest of exotic animal-skin products in downtown Phoenix

Man gets year in jail for crash that killed 5

robert logan myers iii.jpg
Robert Logan Myers III was sentenced to a year for a fatal crash.

Skateboarder struck, killed by semi near Avondale

Wikimedia Commons
A Valley teen was struck and killed by a semi while skateboarding.

Far-Sighted: Telescope Snaps Most Distant Object

Wikimedia Commons
The Gemini Observatory, where telescopes captured a gamma burst.

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