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The City of Phoenix purchased 247 acres of land in Ahwatukee at an auction April 2. The city plans to use the land to add 165 acres to South Mountain Park, among other things...Despite the sluggish economy, there's been record attendance at Cactus League games for the past six weeks, with more than 1.5 million fans showing up for training games. It's the first time attendance for Cactus League has matched that of the Grapefruit League in Florida...The Chandler Jazz Festival this weekend has been scaled back, despite record attendance for the event last year. Organizers say next year's festival may be in jeopardy if they can't find corporate sponsors...A track coach at Shadow Mountain High School says the school's asking the track team to leave as punishment for him reporting a student-teacher relationship back in October. The coach, Erwin Jones, says his reports to school officials about teacher Tom Krepelka's alleged relationship with a student were ignored. Krepelka was arrested in March and the school placed him on administrative leave...Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has revoked an executive order from former governor Janet Napolitano that gave state government workers the right to "meet and confer" with administrators. Brewer indicated the old order established a precedent for mandatory union activity...As lawmakers consider cutting funds for schools that screen X-rated material, University of Maryland decided not to show the porn movie Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge as part of a national dialogue on porn. Lawmakers decided to postpone senate discussions on the issue until a group of middle-schoolers left the visitors' gallery.

City Buys 247 Acres In Ahwatukee Foothills

Cactus League attendance figures for '09 up

Jazz festival scaled back due to budget cuts

Coach who reported teacher-student relationship punished?

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A high school coach says he's being punished for reporting teacher Tom Krepelka (pictured).

Brewer revokes Napolitano's labor order

Governor Jan Brewer revoked some state workers' rights.

MD college won't show porn movie after all

"Pirates II" may not be part of educational programming in Maryland.

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