Salvia Targeted by Arizona Lawmakers; Proposal Would Make Sales to Under-21 Crowd Illegal

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers want to make it a crime to sell salvia to anyone under age 21.

The little-known herb for sale at some local head shops reportedly produces hallucinations and out-of-body experiences when smoked or eaten. YouTube videos of users under the influence of the "drug" have gained attention recently. According to the Las Vegas Sun, there's a movement afoot nationally to outlaw the stuff.

Also today, a North Dakota man earned the distinction of becoming the first person sentenced for possessing salvia.

The black market can't be too far behind.

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Celestial Crabs Descending
Celestial Crabs Descending

 I can find a list of thousands of LEGAL medications that produce horrible side effects, sometimes even fatal ones. People have died from taking prescription drugs! Not just people who abuse the drugs, either, sometimes folks who take it according to directions yet suffer a fatal reaction. What is the government doing about these highly dangerous drugs? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That is because the FDA approves them, and the FDA, being a money-making organization with a lot of power, has the lawmakers in their pockets. So instead they go after the users of salvia and marijuana, screaming about how dangerous they are to a gullible public unaccustomed to thinking for themselves. Don't believe the scare-mongering hype of these overpaid bureaucrats.

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