Jason Rose, Local PR Hound, and Lawyer Wife, Jordan, Pay Cash for Mansion

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In the "must be nice" category, local public relations guru Jason Rose and his wife, local attorney, Jordan, made the paper this morning with their new home purchase.

Topping the list of this week's priciest home sales in the Arizona Republic's real estate round-up is the Roses' acquisition of a $3.4 million, 5,385-square-foot beauty on the eastern side of Mountain Shadows Golf Club in Paradise Valley, one of Rose's clients.

Yup, they paid cash.

Polishing the images of clients like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, LifeLock and Pink Taco evidently buys a lot of bricks.
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Jordan Rose/www.roselawgroup.com

We like to follow the exploits of Rose simply because he's, like, the center of his own universe.

The shack's former owner is Bruce Halle, founder and chairman of the Discount Tire Company, and his wife, Diane.

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I completely disagree with Piano Teacher. I see her drive is coming from her insecurity and need to prove something. She will self-destruct pretty soon. Already, her appearance is like that of a drug addict IMO. She represented Mitt Romney in his campaign and he lost.  She's a small-medium fish is a very small pond.

Piano Teacher
Piano Teacher

The Jordon Rose i have known for many years fhas worked herself up the ladder of sucess. Hard work and dedication to her profession has been her life. Jordon deserves all that she has accomplished I know of no other that has been so kind and giving to others. She deserves a beautiful home and more. I love her hair and the person that wears it. Sheriff Arpaio is one lucky man to have Jordon for an attorney and Jordon is desrves a client like Sheriff Arpaio. Joe Arpaio is a animal lover and any one that loves dogs is a good person with heart and kindness in his soul.

From a piano teacher in the West Valley

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