Hot Links: Gay Rights, the Governor's Race, and Wide Loads

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A gay rights group says they were harassed by a Casa Grande police officer when they gathered to protest taxes along a city street. The group filed a complaint, and Casa Grande police chief Robert Huddleston says the incident is being investigated...Former state legislator Karen Johnson announced she plans to run for governor against Jan Brewer in the Republican primary. Johnson's known for catering to conservatives, and she says someone in the race needs "to talk about controversial things"...A former Scottsdale accountant is in custody for his alleged involvement in a $67 million Ponzi scheme. Danny Wise reportedly encouraged more than a hundred people to invest in his real-estate holdings, and now faces charges of fraud and theft...Arizona Central Credit Union alerted 12,000 customers that their check card numbers may have been compromised after a data breach  at a merchant card processor. The credit union is also canceling those cards and sending new ones...After United Airlines' announcement that they'll charge some overweight passengers for a second seat on flights, US Air and Southwest have outlined their policies regarding hefty travelers. Both airlines say they try to put large passengers on flights that can accommodate then, but will charge for a second seat in some cases...Two Florida women tried to steal almost $200 in merchandise from a Wal-Mart, but were caught after leaving their recently developed photos in their cart, complete with their names and addresses. Doh!

Gay group upset with Casa Grande police

Johnson says she plans to run for governor

Former Scottsdale accountant accused of fraud, theft

Danny Wise is accused of being involved in a Ponzi scheme.

Credit Union: Cards May Be Compromised

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One Arizona credit union warns customers their cards may be compromised.

US Air, Southwest outline policy on overweight passengers

This super-size guy may have to purchase two seats on a plane.

Shoplifters found after leaving photos in cart

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