East Valley Tribune Drops Saturday Edition; Lays Off 13 More People


Julie Moreno, East Valley Tribune publisher
The hits to local daily newspapers just keep on coming.

The East Valley Tribune will drop its Saturday edition starting May 15, taking the paper down from four days a week to just three. On top of that, it's laying off 13 more employees. As you may recall, last year the Tribune laid off nearly half its staff, retracted its circulation area, stopped home delivery and eliminated Monday, Tuesday and Thursday editions.

Now, it seems -- well, did you ever see the 1957 movie, The Incredible Shrinking Man? You know near the end, when you think the guy can't get any smaller, but he does? It's sort of like that.



On the plus side, there seems to be some demand for delivered newspapers: The Trib also announced today it would begin delivering to homes and advertisers who were willing to pay for the service.

No doubt it'll be much higher than the old subscription rate. Maybe it will become something your neighbors are envious of: An honest-to-goodness, real ink-and-paper daily newspaper on your driveway in the morning.

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