Congressman John Shadegg to Appear at April 15 "Tea Party" to Protest New Taxes

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Hundreds of people are expected to show up on the State Capitol lawn on April 15 to protest taxation, including Republican Congressman John Shadegg (at left), say organizers of the "Tax Day Tea Party."

The shin-dig, which takes place from 5:30-7 p.m., is being led by American for Prosperity and right-wing personalities like State Senator Russell Pearce, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth and talk-show host Bruce Jacobs. While the line-up alone may be a turn off for many left-wingers and Democrats, organizers say the message is a simple one: "No new taxes!"

The issue of new taxes is a sensitive one for lefties (oh, and for Governor Jan Brewer, too). It's doubtful that attendees will hear counter-protesters screaming "New taxes now!"

Truth is, raising taxes is popular with almost no one. But then again, neither is the thought of cutting more government services. As a recent poll showed, most Arizonans seem to want to throw the tea overboard -- then come home to drink a cup.

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