US Airways Ships Corpse to Pet Store Instead of Fish

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Fish aren't usually shipped in coffins, but somebody at U.S. Airways was apparently confused.
Tempe-based US Airways has already come under criticism for requiring flight attendants who complained about safety issues to handle their own defense in a lawsuit filed by a pilot. Now, they've pulled an even stranger stunt, flying a corpse to a pet store in lieu of the fish the business was supposed to receive.

Confusing three boxes of fish with a coffin wrapped in cardboard sounds like a total "doh!" moment, but it happened on Tuesday, when the corpse of a 65 year-old San Diego man was delivered to a Pets Plus store in Philadelphia. The store had been expecting some tropical fish instead.

The body was supposed to have been delivered to a laboratory in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The owner of Pets Plus thinks the fish were probably left at the airport and died. A spokesman for U.S. Airways says the airline is "deeply sorry."

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