UPDATE: Mormon Murder Trial Jury Still Deliberating

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Maricopa County Superior Court jurors in the Doug Grant murder case have been deliberating his fate for 10 hours and counting.

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 Grant (not the Jason-looking Doug Grant to the left) is charged with killing his wife Faylene back in September 2001 at their Gilbert home. With devout Mormon Faylene's written blessing, Grant married his ex-lover soon after his wife died in the family bathtub.

We won't go into further details of the case again in this update. You can read them in our two-part series published last year linked here and here. We've also been blogging about the case in Valley Fever. The latest trial blog is here.

We will let you know when this bizzare case, which  national TV news magazines also have been covering, is over.

The 12-person jury got the case on Thursday afternoon, and resumed deliberations this morning after taking the weekend off.

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