Rick Renzi, Indicted Former Congressman, Getting His Earmarks Through

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If you don't like the $1.2 million in earmarks shoved into a Congressional spending bill headed for a vote in the U.S. Senate, it may be tough to get ahold of the man responsible: Indicted Former Congressman Rick Renzi. USA Today reports that Renzi is one of several former lawmakers who tucked 458 pet projects into a bill that's said to be needed to keep the government running through September. Renzi's projects include a drug enforcement program in Pinal County and road and bridge construction.

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Former Senator Larry Craig
Shamed former Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, infamously caught propositioning an undercover officer in an airport restroom, also managed to get a million bucks worth of earmarks in the bill.

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Most of the pork-shoveling former lawmakers were Republican, naturally, considering the left-leaning results of the last election. But at least one former Democrat Congresswoman, Hilda Solis (above), was on the list. She's President Obama's Labor Secretary.

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