Hot Links: Party Crews, Identity Thieves, and Official Flatulence

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Here's some news: teenagers party. But Phoenix police say the parties are getting out of hand, with partygoers forming "crews" and taking over abandoned buildings or setting up in the desert. Police say such bashes can lead to vandalism, assaults, and (surprise!) underage drinking...A thoroughbred horse found wandering free in Mesa is recovering from extensive injuries at a foster home. The animal had been severely beaten, and the sheriff's office says it's investigating, while Equin Voices Rescue and Sanctuary takes donations for the horse's treatment...FOX News reports that a large ring of identity thieves has been arrested. The group used stolen credit cards and bank account numbers to run up massive charges...Somebody's got gas: that funny smell at Desert Ridge wasn't some rancid shoppers, but a gas leak. The leak forced an evacuation of stores in the shopping complex on Monday night, and crews are working to repair the leak as quickly as possible...Speaking of gas, a city council member meeting in Medina, Ohio was disrupted when somebody's flatulence got the best of them and people couldn't stop laughing. And the whole thing was caught on video to toot -- er, to boot...A U.S. Border Patrol agent got a cinder block dropped on his noggin while checking the fence in Nogales, and is recovering from his injuries after being taken to University Medical Center in Tucson.

Cracking down on party crews

Horse severely beaten, left for dead in Mesa

ID theft ring uncovered in the Valley

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Who are you? Fox News reports on the arrest of an identity theft ring.

Gas leak forces evacuation of Desert Ridge

City Council Members Can't Stop Laughing After Meeting Interrupted

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Farting at meetings gives real meaning to the term "windbag."

Agent hit with cinder block while checking fence at border

Wikimedia Commons
The fence near Nogales, where somebody's dropping blocks like they're hot.

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