"Fatal Femme" Pleads Guilty in 2005 Murder; Woman Admitted to Pulling Trigger

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Somegustava Samantha Angela.jpg
Samantha Somegustava's mug shot from her 2005 arrest.
The woman who pulled the trigger of a shotgun in a 2005 murder has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

New Times covered the tragic case of victim Gabe Cruz and the woman who robbed and killed him in a 2006 feature story. The article by Paul Rubin details both the crime and the interesting behind-the-scenes work of experienced detective Jack Ballentine and one of his apprentices, burned officer Jason Schechterle.

According to the short version by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Cruz had offered a ride to hitchhiker Samantha Somegustava. She convinced Cruz to drive to the home of Richard Enos, telling Enos the money she owed him had arrived. The pair drove Cruz to a vacant field and executed him for a few dollars.

Somegustava is scheduled to be sentenced on May 1 -- she'll likely spend the rest of her life in prison.

(UPDATE 5/4/09: Somegustava received a sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole).

Enos was convicted in 2007 and is serving life.

"The victim in this case thought he was doing some people a favor," County Attorney Andrew Thomas states in a news release. "They took advantage of his goodness..."


cruz gabe victim.jpg

Gabe Cruz


enos richards.jpg
Richard Enos

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Thank you! I couldn't of said it any better! Shes my cousin on her dads side.


I really feel for all you that like to run your mouths from the comfort of your homes behind your computer. First off all you know is what is printed in the papers no one knows what really went on that night but the people there.. NOw what she did is wrong NO DOUBT about it. But she is serving her punishment for it.. So lets look at what got her to that point. MMm doesnt seem like the type of person that would just shoot some " nice guy helping out" Mmm wasnt said in papers that he was being taken to buy drugs, no, wasnt said he tried to put his hands on her, no, So even though again IT WAS WRONG what she did... BACK THE FUCK OFF your high stools and see this poor girl has gone through hell in her life...Keep your head up Dreamer!!!


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