Terry Goddard Wins Case Against Maricopa County to Limit Building Around Luke AFB

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State Attorney General Terry Goddard has won a lawsuit against Maricopa County to limit new building permits near Luke Air Force Base, taking down one obstacle to the facility's desire to be the official home of the F-35 fighter jet. 

Lawsuits targeting Maricopa County have made up a healthy percentage of local news lately, but this one seems to go beyond mere politics. As Goddard points out in a news release  about the victory: "Luke is a $2 billion recession-proof economic engine."

Key to keeping that engine humming, boosters believe, would be to convince the Air Force to make Luke one of the main training sites for the F-35, a cool-looking craft with both stealth and vertical-take-off-and-landing features. The Marines are already scheduled to receive some of jets at their Yuma air base and at the base in Miramar, California in 2012, despite some criticism of the plane's performance. Goddard seems to have played the right hand in trying to help Arizona receive some of the F-35 program's $299 billion cost. 

Read the ruling by clicking here.

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