Obama Visit Organizers Ban Observers From Taking "Pens and Paper" Into Dobson High School

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According to the East Valley Tribune this morning, President Obama's organizers gave the waiting crowd of visitors at Dobson High School a long list of items that were forbidden to take inside, including "pens and paper:"

A steady flow of people trickled in last night, and about 2 a.m. the crowds began showing up en masse.

At 7 a.m., an organizer began reciting the rules, which prohibited people from bringing in pens and paper, cameras with removable lenses and a long list of other items.

This announcement caused a parade of people to head back to their cars to unload their belongings.

Okay, pens -- that sort of makes sense. We've seen enough James Bond movies to know that a pen housing can double as a gun barrel. Pencils seem safer, though we have no doubt that someone like Les Shroud could fashion a first-class blowgun out of a sharp-pointed Number 2 and a jumbo straw.

But, c'mon -- paper?

Maybe the new President is worried about being attacked at the podium by a storm of little, white airplanes.

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