Mesa Teacher Accused of Molesting Junior High School Student

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Stories about teachers having sex with 17-year-old students are one thing.

This is a whole different -- and vastly more disturbing -- kind of crime:


Mesa Teacher Arrested for Molestation of Female Student


A Mesa School District teacher was arrested yesterday evening after information surfaced about inappropriate contact with a fourteen year-old female student. The suspect, Jeffrey Schenck, DOB 1-25-1974, of Mesa is a teacher at Carson Junior High where the alleged crimes were to have occurred.

School officials first became aware of the incident when an uninvolved student learned about the victim and teacher passing notes to each other. When administrators heard about the notes, the victim was called in and asked about the situation. The victim disclosed that she had been passing notes and texting with Schenck for the past week or so. When asked further about their relationship, the victim said that as the week went on, Schenck had rubbed her hand and leg during class.

She said Schenck eventually touched her genital area on several different occasions. All of the incidents reportedly happened at the school at various times throughout the day.

Schenck was located yesterday evening and detained without incident. He was transported to the Mesa Police Headquarters where he was interviewed. Schenck was asked about his involvement with the victim. He admitted that he knew the victim and that she was a student of his at school. When Schenck was asked about his contact with the victim, he admitted that he had touched her several times while at school.

Based on the investigation, Schenck was booked into the Mesa Holding facility and charged with four counts of Molestation of a Child, a Class 2 felony.

At this time, there is no indication of other victims. However, if anyone has information related to Schenck, they are encouraged to contact the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.

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