Hot Links: Immigrant Round-Up; Anti-Abortion Bill Floated; Stimulus Bill to Help Build Valley Infrastructure

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2-2-1.jpgDeputies catch dozens of undocumented workers in the immigrant round-up du jour at a maintenance facility at 19th Avenue and Lower Buckeye that contracts with the county. You knew they'd get around to it: Republican lawmakers craft an anti-abortion bill that's expected to fare better if it lands on the governor's desk than such plans did under Janet Napolitano. And speaking of guvs, the state's new Top Chef, Jan Brewer, has appointed three new cabinet members. The East Valley could become a giant road construction zone, thanks to about $900 billion in the federal stimulus package slated to upgrade sewers and thoroughfares. Mesa schools need to find another million dollars to cut from the their budget. Pornmeisters who infiltrated the Super Bowl broadcast, beware -- the FBI is coming to get you. Did we hear a snicker?  


Deputies round up illegal immigrants at landscape business



Lawmakers plan abortion restrictions


Brewer fills three more cabinet positions




road work ahead.jpg


East Valley may get infrastructure upgrade from stimulus money


Mesa schools budget slashing another $1 million


Comcast involves FBI in hunt for porn broadcasters

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