Feb. 13 In Blogs: Porn Stars, Tom Morello, TeHaru and More

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We understand that in the 24-hour news cycle it can be difficult to keep up. Worry not! We have the solution. Check back on Valley Fever every evening for highlights from each of New Times' blogs. Today's entries:

Valley Fever:
Mesa Teacher Accused of Molesting Junior High School Student

Researcher Says Anti-Meth Ads Don't Work and Waste Taxpayer Funds

Feathered Bastard:
House Judiciary Committee Presses Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano to Investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Porn Star Stormy Daniels Talks About Senate Run Against Louisiana's David Vitter

Up on the Sun:
Just Announced: Tom Morello at TMF, Arizona MetalFest, Junior Boys

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Sends Us The Worst Promo CD Ever

Chow Bella:
Brew Review: Slim Chance Light Ale

Budget Beat: TeHaru

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