Cops Seek Suspect in Teasers Strip Club Parking Lot Shooting

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Teasers strip club at Grand Avenue and U.S. 60, according to its Web site, is like a neighborhood bar, kind of like Cheers but with lots of tits.

That is, it's a real friendly place -- except when some dirtbag comes in with a gun and ends up murdering one of the patrons.

teasers logo.jpg

The crime happened on December 19; the victim was 37-year-old Leonard Harris (pictured below).

teaser victim.jpg
Phoenix police Sgt. Paul Penzone of Silent Witness tells New Times that Harris and the unidentified assailant were seen arguing inside the club prior to the shooting. The dispute continued outside in the parking lot, where Harris was shot.

Scroll down to see the surveillance photos of the suspect Penzone released today.

Police ask that if you know anything about the case or can identify the person in the pictures, call (480) 948-6377 (480-WITNESS).




teasers suspect 1.jpg


teaser suspect 2.jpg














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