Arpaio "Surprised" by Official Protest by Mexico of Policy to Segregate Inmates

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The Mexican consul general in Phoenix has "energetically protested the undignified way in which the Mexicans were transferred to 'Tent City,'" according to an article in the New York Times' International Herald Tribune.

vizcarra carlos flores consul.jpg
The consul general, Carlos Flores Vizcarra (pictured), has a funny way of doing things, though.

Instead of making his announcement from his base in Phoenix, where his words might have gotten some attention from Valley news outlets, he released a statement through the Mexican Foreign Relations Department in Mexico City. The Associated Press in Mexico City produced the article that was picked up Tuesday in the Herald Tribune.

arpaio mexican march.jpg
Arpaio was reportedly "surprised" when AP called him for comment about the official diplomatic pooh-poohing of his actions. Far from being ticked, Arpaio implies, the consul general should be happy because the segregation makes visiting the inmates more convenient for Mexican officials:

He said he was told that the Mexican officials who visited the prisoners at Tent City expressed satisfaction over conditions.

"Everything was good, so I don't know what this is about," Arpaio told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Sure, it must be a mistake.

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