Sedona Treatment Center Owners Addicted to Cheating on Taxes, Feds Say

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steiniger.jpg steiniger 2.jpgThe owners of the Desert Canyon Treatment Center in Sedona may have helped people kick the habit, but they were hiding their own sins at the same time, according to a federal indictment released today.

William and Diane Steiniger (pictured) cheated on their taxes for more than 10 years by hiding income in other business entities, the feds say. In some years, they allegedly blew off filing a tax return altogether.

The center's Web site states that William Steiniger has 29 years in the business and also has been the "court-appointed special master/family court advisor and psychotherapist for the Superior Court of Arizona in Phoenix since 1994."

desert canyon treatment center.jpgThis is a shot of the treatment center from the center's Web site. It sort of looks like the place where celebrities might stay, though we couldn't find any info about stars staying there except for one speculative blog post about Kate Moss.

The site says the center has closed "due to economic conditions."

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Matt- NJ
Matt- NJ

I also received treatment about 8 years ago from Desert Canyon. The teachings Bill and his staff gave to me have helped me turn my life around and I am so grateful to them. That said... after reading this article, I remember Bill talking to the clients about a loop hole he had to avoid paying taxes LOL. I do think he had a huge ego, as he always talked about flying his plane on the weekends to grab dinner somewhere. I feel really bad for the staff who lost their jobs as a result of Bill and Diane only thinking of themselves. Sedona is a beautiful place and I hope to say hi to Harmony, Rob and former cook Laura someday. Thanks for helping me get my life back Bill and Diane. Your center had a different approach and it worked for me.


Well, as a former employee, I can tell you that the owners were shady characters. I dealt with a few of the celebs, and their egos were negligible in comparison to "Doctor Bill's (ego). I believe most of their money was funneled through "followers of Osho". Yes, that's the guy with over 100 Rolls-Royce's. I must also question Doctor Bill's alleged unauthorized use of Jack Trimpey's book "Rational Recovery". Jack's wife, Lois made it quite clear that it should not be used in the DCTC Program. From my vague recollections, I believe these folks made some serious mistakes, and made very little effort to help clients after their departure from the facility. I know of one client that committed suicide, even after many unanswered calls for,help that Doctor Bill did not return. I only hope he is no longer practicing in this field. He surely pocketed enough money to retire.

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