Rapper DMX Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail; Can't Own Animals or Firearms for 18 Months

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Earl Simmons, better known as the rapper DMX, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for abusing his dogs and theft-related charges. He's scheduled to be released on April 30.

DMX also received 18 months of supervised probation, during which time he can't own firearms or animals, according to a news release from Maricopa County Andrew Thomas' office.

It'll be tough for the scofflaw rapper to stick to those requirements and other terms of his probation, we imagine -- he proved what he thinks of the legal system when he failed to appear in court last year and had to be tracked down in Florida. 
If he screws up, though, it could mean more than 10 years in prison for the 38-year-old  rap artist.

In the slammer, at least, DMX will be watered and fed -- unlike his dogs.

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charlie brown AKA cable man
charlie brown AKA cable man

X this is cable man from Y.O. School Street Robs boy. When you get out keep your faith because i know that God is going to use you MORE than ever.I pray for you all the time you are Not lost God is Great remember the hill and the snow you know what i am talking about ok family is first after God LORD Jesus

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