Need a Smoke? Find These Guys

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This puts a different twist on the phrase "grabbing a smoke."

smoke stealers.jpgTwice in late December, these two yahoos pictured at right walked casually behind the counters at separate Circle Ks in Mesa and cleaned out the cigarette shelves. Maybe they were desperate for a massive nicotine fix, but it seems more likely the smokes will end up getting sold on the street -- cops say the two hauls were worth a combined total of about $9,000. 

During each robbery, police say, the two shoved the cartons of cancer sticks into a large trash bag before leaving the store "without communication or confrontation with the clerk." The pair were seen leaving in a gray 1990s Dodge Dakota pickup. Scroll down for more surveillance pix -- and if you know these guys, police ask that you call 480-WITNESS. 

smoke stealers 2.jpg



smoke stealer 3.jpg

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