Larry Fitzgerald's Alleged Domestic Abuse Buried Deep in Pages of Arizona Republic

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The New Year's Eve news exclusive from sleazy entertainment Web site about Arizona Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald alleged domestic abuse incident was the "kind of momentary headline that can damage a good name," writes Arizona Republic sports columnist Dan Bickley in a Sunday article about Fitz's "meteoric rise."

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Funny thing is, the incident never rated a headline -- or any other kind of mention -- in the state's supposed paper of record. Now, Barkley's reported rush for oral sex  -- that's the kind of entertainment news the Republic puts in lights.

In an order of protection filed this week, Angela Nazario alleges the star wide receiver shoved her and pulled her hair last October in his Phoenix home -- while he was holding their infant son.

The story wasn't exactly kept quiet among Valley reporters. According to Minnesota's Star Tribune columnist "C.J.:", the Arizona Cardinals' Mark Dalton "informed me via e-mail that "Larry did speak to the local media during our open locker room period" on Wednesday about the allegations. East Valley Tribune reporter Mike Sakal had an article on the order the same day as TMZ.
But a search of the Republic's site reveals only the one mention of the incident in Bickley's column. Meanwhile, Cardinals coverage in the last couple of days has been heavy: An A1 story today pimped the need to sell out this Saturday's playoff game to avoid a TV blackout. (The promotion worked, and the Cards sold out the remaining seats).


Local TV news also seems to have failed to cover Fitzgerald's spat with Nazario, a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader (at left). A Google news search uncovers reports of the order of protection from Florida to California, but almost nothing from Arizona. 

You'd think the local media are worried they'll jinx the Cards' great season. -- Ray Stern

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