Philadelphia Columnist Says Glendale Boring, Arizona Good for Nothing But Porn Stars

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Is Glendale horrifically boring, its citizens so apathetic toward football they wouldn't care if Larry Fitzgerald was nearly killed in a motorcyle accident?

That's what blogger Jason McIntyre of the Metro of Philadelphia writes in a recent blog post trashing the town entitled "Glendale Less Than Super." In his light-hearted, trash-talking piece, McIntyre says people shrug when he asks about the Super Bowl, and that Glendale "just isn't a city that bleeds football, like, say, Pittsburgh," he writes. Along the way, he gets in digs on the Cards and the whole state in general.

antiques glendale.jpg

Sure, there are a lot of antiques in Glendale -- but the town isn't high on McIntyre's vacation list? In the winter?

Enjoy your week, buddy -- and don't forget your mittens.


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glendale weather.jpg

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