Hot Links: Cardinals Headed for Super Bowl; Dutch Man Wants $400,000 in Javelina Attack; Tucson Citizen to be Shut Down if No Buyers

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Super Bowl-bound: The Arizona Cardinals redeem themselves in a nerve-wracking championship game, sealing this year's season as the finest since the franchise moved to the state in '87. That's not our javelina: Tucson museum denies ownership of a javelina that attacked a Dutch dude -- he wants $400,000. You won't read stories like that in the Tucson Citizen much longer -- the newspaper looks to be heading the way of the brontosaurus. You're estimated wait time is... probably going to be too long if Phoenix follows through on cuts to police services. Outbreak: CDC was here in November checking on the Valley's high rate of valley fever. And another in the "no duh" category: More than of eight of 10 corporations hide money from Uncle Sam in offshore accounts. Attendance was down at the P.F. Chang's marathon Sunday -- maybe some runners decided to drink beer, eat pizza, and watch the Cardinals instead.


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