Hot Links: Protesters Welcome New Chairman of County Supervisors; Harry Mitchell Says No to Pay Raises; Buckeye Cop Fired After Speaking Out on Safety Issues

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2-2-1.jpgProtesters against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio welcomed the new chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Max Wilson, in the hopes of getting some quality time with the board at a public meeting. Harry Mitchell doesn't need no stinkin' raise, and he doesn't want others in Congress to have one, either. Buckeye fires a cop who complained publicly about safety lapses -- she claims she had to patrol the whole town one night by herself, five hours after her previous shift. The mayor slogs through traffic school following his red light camera ticket. A Phoenix jewelry store owner plugs two guys with his pistol after they allegedly try to rob him. Believe it or not: Mormon-influenced Mesa may be one of the few cities in Arizona to launch a registry for domestic partners. It's time to clean out your grandparents' garage: Antiques Roadshow, that lovable PBS show where people sometimes realize their junk is worth a fortune, is coming to town in August. 

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