Donovan McNabb's Lawn Safe: Suspected Vandals Caught

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mcnabb donovan.jpgIn a move reminscent of America's Dumbest Criminals, two suspects who allegedly burned "Go Cards" into the lawn of Philadelphia Eagles player Donovan McNabb (right) were caught because one left his address at the scene of the crime.

The Saturday lawn incident was actually part of a series of pranks at McNabb's Chandler home. A couple of days previous, someone put an Arizona Cardinals flag in one of McNabb's trees and placed a cardboard box on the lawn with "Go Cards" and "Beat Philly" written on it.

Ryan Hanlon and Rex Perkin (pictured below) were arrested Saturday and accused of pouring diesel fuel into the grass to make the burned words, "Go Cards," Go Kurt" and "I (heart) AZ."

vandals lawn suspects.jpg

Police didn't have to work too hard on this one: A sticker left on the cardboard box had Perkin's name and address on it.

Thumbnail image for lawn cards.jpg

(Not the actual lawn of Donovan McNabb -- duh)

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