Dave Pratt Missed by Fans; Reasons for KMLE Departure Still Unclear (But He Got His Taxes Paid)

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Longtime radio jock Dave Pratt kicked off a book signing tour in mid-November to promote his not-for-profit, autobiography, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio.

A month later, he was let go from his job as morning show host at country music station KMLE (107.9 FM). You can read a twinge of bitterness in the statement Pratt put out at the time, (still on his Web site):

My entire crew was surprised to learn that our morning show would no longer be on the air. I was very happy on KMLE, and our show enjoyed a 6 year run of success.

Pratt's wife, Paula, sounded stressed in an Arizona Republic article:

"They gave us no reason," Paula Pratt said. "The station in general has been making budget cuts for the past couple of months."

Dave Pratt said Thursday evening that he could not issue any comments until they were approved by his lawyer.

Could Pratt's book have been the reason? His lawyer apparently didn't approve any comments, and neither side -- Pratt nor KMLE -- has said much since then. The station's execs made noise about wanting to take the station in new direction -- typical corporatespeak.

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Pratt, who survived prostate cancer in 2005, is donating all the proceeds from the book to the American Cancer Society.

His fans, meanwhile, have been voicing their frustration in a steady stream of comments on our blog post about Pratt's missed property tax payment. For example:

Sondra says:

I always tuned in to Dave Pratt in the morning to start my day off right. Now I will follow him to another station or listen to my iPod instead since the "replacements" suck!

Posted On: Sunday, Jan 11 2009 @ 7:57PM

Some readers also blasted New Times for mentioning the tax thing, (which, by the way, was first reported by another blogger):

D. Glenn says:

New Times has sunk to a new low to dig up this "dirt" on Dave Pratt. He is a good man and a great role model.

I quit listening to KMLE when they sent Dave Pratt and crew packing. They said they are going in a different direction. I am also going in a different direction. I cannot stand Tim and Willie.

I hope Dave Pratt turns up soon. I miss the Morning Mayor. He always helped me start my day out on a happy note.

Posted On: Tuesday, Jan. 6 2009 @ 7:15AM

Great role model? The former lead singer of the Sex Machine Band, who once mailed the Valley a picture of himself screwing a sheep? Well, compared to Charles Barkley, sure. 

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Role model or not, Pratt's a big-hearted guy who has contributed lots of time and money to charities. He's also entertained thousands of fans. In making his name as an early shock jock in the 80s and 90s on KUPD (97.9 FM), Pratt evolved into one of the Valley's minor-league legends. But let's keep it in perspective -- he's no Howard Stern. Despite his hardcore followers, Pratt's career took a turn for the weird when gave up rock and roll for country music. What will he do next, introduce the  "smooth jazz" on KYOT (95.5 FM)?

Still, it would be interesting to know what happened at KMLE, and whether anything in Pratt's book was responsible. Records show Pratt still hasn't paid his tax bill, though that could just be an oversight and not because he's hurting for cash due to his recent unemployed status.
UPDATE: Pratt paid his bill.

A comment on the amazon.com page on Pratt's book implies the tax situation could be easily resolved:

Just recently picked up the book after hearing about his being let go at KMLE. I'm sure he will surface again and continue his success. The book is a no "rags to riches" story... He was born into money and has never really wanted for anything... I'm only on chapter 2 though.

Judging from Pratt's past success in both public and private life, this probably isn't the final chapter of the disc jockey's long career. After all, he's the guy behind songs like these:


Pepperoni, sourdough and mozzarella cheese
Black olives, chives and anchovies
Gino's, Pizza Hut and Peter Piper
Well, throw me a slice and bring a pitcher here
You can have your fancy wine and caviar
Just bring me that pizza and bring me that beer, yeah
Pizza and beer
Pizza and beer
Full of salami like my red underwear
Mama Celeste, bring it here, bring it here
Bring me that pizza and bring me that beer
Well, it don't take lots of money
To entertain your honey
But after you're done
Your breath smells funny
Home cooked meals, well, don't even bother
Ya know what happens when ya cross the Godfather
With a burp and a swallow, bring a large pan here
Bring me that pizza and bring me that beer
We want pizza
I want beer
We want pizza
I want beer
We want pizza
I want beer
We want pizza
Meta Lingua n'to pepperoni

beer glass.jpg

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Dave was okay, it was Stacey that was horrible , who wants to hear about her weight issues and boyfriends she doesnt have . Her voice was one of those like finger nails on a chalkboard very irrating . Good luck to Dave but do yourself a favor and dont use Stacey that a easy why to lose fans

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